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Photo search

Добавлено: 28 май 2011, 07:47
Dear all,
I search photos from busses of the manufacturers Büssing, Castrosuna, Chavdar, Gräf&Stift, Haargaz, Heuliiez, Lauber, MAN, Magirus-Deutz, Mercedes, Neobus, Sanos, Setra, Steyr, Vetter, Volvo (only model B10L) and Unicar bulit in 1970-1995,in all over Europe and northern Africa, which are not published on this site and links from local and private homepages, showing these kinds of photos.
The photos would only be taken for my private, non commercial use, not pubslihed or distributed in any way, which might be guaranted.
Thanks a lot for you help!