Ikarus 250/256 Odessa

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Сообщение olx581 » 06 май 2016, 22:46

Hi friends from Odessa! I will visit Odessa June 18-22.06.16 My only target is to see Ikarus 250 or 256 busses. My question is that still possible to travel with those models?
Do they still work in some local lines or do they make tourist trips? Im thankful, if I get any information.
Coming from Estonia just to see those beatiful busses :-):
Thank you,

tramrunner from New York
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Сообщение tramrunner from New York » 01 янв 2018, 03:22

I saw and rode a lot of them in my childhood, before 1992...
Ikarus 250 and 256 was and is strictly suburban model, but in extremely rare cases they were used on express routes within the city.
But mostly they were used on routes such as Odessa-Kiev, Odessa-Kishenev, etc.
But now, as all my friends from Odessa and xUSSR tell, they are extremely rare.

When I visited Odessa in 2013 such buses as LAZ and Ikarus were exceptional.
However, DOn't know how about now - there is such a place as "Nash Sad" (Our Garden) not so far form Francuzski Boulevard, where I saw Ikarus 256 parked.